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“If you are thinking at all about working with Leigh Stringer in any way, and you have that opportunity, consider yourself one of the luckiest people on the planet. This might be the highest, most advanced form of evolution I know. I had the privilege of working with Leigh for many years and it is with complete exhilaration that I recommend her…really for just about anything! The only thing more amazing than her multi-task nailing work ethic…is her magnetizing attitude and spirit. Don’t miss this…you need her!” – Chip Crawford, FASLA, Senior Principal at Forum Studio

“Leigh is an articulate and bright speaker who is on the forefront of change.  Others want to hear what she has to say and always rate her highly.”  – Becky Binder, Vice President, Content Development at CoreNet Global

“Leigh is a fantastic presenter and truly knows how to engage the audience. Her high-energy presentation was powerful and thought-provoking.  People left feeling inspired and ready to make healthy lifestyle changes.  Thank you, Leigh!” – Brandi Landy, Business Council Manager, Capital Region Chamber, Albany, NY


Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, is a workplace design specialist, writer and researcher who works for EYP, an architecture, engineering and building technology firm that specializes in sustainable, healthy, high performance buildings.  She writes and speaks about ways to improve human health, performance and well-being in the workplace, including ways to:

  • Increase productivity, creativity and human performance at work
  • Increase movement and exercise at work
  • Improve nutrition through “choice architecture” and provisioning
  • Reduce stress and increase mindfulness during the workday
  • Improve ergonomics and the physical environment
  • Improve sleep by behaviors during the work day
  • Measure workplace performance
  • Integrate workplace design with corporate wellness programs

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