Every night my husband, girls and I sit around the dinner table and share our “roses, buds and thorns.”  Roses are things that made us really happy, thorns are things that made us sad or disappointed us, and buds are things we are looking forward to.  It’s a good temperature check.  One day, I was asking my 4 year old about her day. She said she was really sad because one of her friends told her that she did not like her picture of a vampire.  Her friend insisted the teeth should be red, and Ali felt strongly they should be white.  “She didn’t put anything into my bucket,” she said with a quiet, sad voice.  “What do you mean,” I asked.  “Well, you know how we have roses, buds and thorns mom?”  Um, yeah.  “Well when you have a rose, that goes in your bucket, and when you have a thorn, nothing goes into your bucket.”  My little Yoda.  I’m starting to believe Robert Fulghum who wrote, All I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten.  I smothered her in kisses and added some roses.  All was better.

My wish for you this holiday season?  Fewer thorns, more roses in your bucket.