How can you stay healthy, productive (and sane) in the age of coronavirus? Here are a few healthy habits for working at home full-time that you might not have thought about.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your company decided to pivot from being a company where people primarily work into the office everyday to company where staff primarily work from home. It’s the kind of transformation that, in a normal world, would have taken six to twelve months of prep and some serious change management to pull off. You did it in a week.  As a very wise person once told me, “A strong ‘why’ can help navigate when the ‘how’ isn’t so clear.” Nothing like a pandemic to motivate!

Your company has operational policies and the infrastructure in place for employees to work effectively from home, but you’re wondering if they are enough. I mean, how long will this coronavirus keep us working remotely? At my firm, we’ve been going through this virtual transformation too, and decided to add in some healthy habits into our work from home guidelines. I thought they would be helpful and relevant to share with you, since they are based on solid research and relevant for so many in our world right now. The short version:

  1. Plan movement into your workday
  2. Set up your kitchen to enable good eating habits.
  3. Get some sunshine to help you stay alert (and sleep better)
  4. Integrate biophilia into your home
  5. Build in time to socialize and collaborate

Want to know how? Read more about healthy work from home habits, specific tips, and some of the research behind them on EYP’s website HERE.

Please be safe and keep yourself healthy and at your productive best. The world needs you to be. And if you’re looking for some great coronavirus humor (and who isn’t these days), check out this Facebook page. Please add your favorite memes to the comment box!

Leigh Stringer is a workplace strategy expert and researcher.  She is a managing principal for EYP, an architecture and engineering firm, and the author of The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees—and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line.