In case you missed the first annual Design Well Conference in San Diego, California this January, fear not!  Here is a recap of what you missed, c/o Work Design Magazine.

Recap of the First Annual Design Well Conference in San Diego

One of the best parts of the conference for me was an exercise where we asked participants three questions:

1. What are pressing questions about design and health your clients have today?

2. When it comes to health and design, what would you would like to know more about to deepen your expertise?

3. What are the biggest barriers to integrating health and wellbeing into your work?

In general, the most common questions asked by clients were about specific design strategies to improve health and wellbeing and the cost of adopting these strategies.

Participants said they personally wanted to know more about detailed design strategies, research and metrics. When it came to barriers, there were many. In addition to cost and the need for a good business case, specific barriers included:

• Perceived cost (even if actual cost was less!)

• Need for better metrics to define what is better for health and why

• Time and capacity on project to research and specify healthy and sustainable products

• Resistance to change including design team and client

• Lack of client interest – for many it’s a lower priority

• Silos and bureaucracy within project team and client teams

• Clear communication with clients about the pro and cons of adopting healthy strategies

• Existing building constraints

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