I recently got the chance to speak with Dr. James Kelley from the Brave Endurance Podcast, where we talk about everything: the business case for health, raising healthy kids, how buildings shape the way we move, eating and sleep behavior, some of the latest research on workplace design, creating a culture of health, what I hope people come away with from reading The Healthy Workplace, and much, much more.  It’s a longer interview format, but the podcast is broken into three sections, which you can download from iTunes or from whatever service you use to listen to podcasts.

I’ve connected to many people by listening to James’ interviews and afterwards connected with people I listened to there.  James Kelley is very conversational and engaging, and he does an incredible job of introducing listeners to a number of different perspectives on health and well-being.  I highly recommend it!  Listen to one of his episodes on your next walk/run/train ride and you are sure to be hooked!

If you want to listen to my interview with him, go here.

Or you can click on any of the following in iTunes:

Part 1

Part 2