Cover of book titled The Healthy Workplace

The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees—and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line


Recently named one of 7 Books To Help You Become A Better HR Leader, Forbes

This book takes the latest findings from leading companies (Google, Under Armor, Johnson & Johnson, etc.), and lays out very specific strategies for improving health and wellness at work. It will provide research on how changing behaviors at work can improve sleep, bolster nutrition, improve mental focus, and integrate movement and exercise through the day. It will show how employees can lose weight, reduce stress and improve productivity: at the office, at home or on the road. It offers employers hundreds of examples and case studies to demonstrate how, when and where healthy changes can be made at work that yield positive results to the bottom line.

The Healthy Workplace covers:

  • What high-performing companies and organizations are doing to improve health and wellness, and how these lessons can be applied to the workplace.
  • Specific strategies leading companies have adopted for improving employee wellness, mindfulness and engagement and a business case for change.
  • How our work habits and patterns have shifted dramatically over the last two million years.
  • The health problems caused by or made worse by our work style and how workplace changes can help alleviate them.
  • How a good night’s sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness techniques and the physical environment can help foster engagement, stress reduction and improved performance at work.
  • Benchmarked costs and benefits of health programs from leading companies and how they have made the “business case” internally to improve the health of their employees.

With the lessons and case studies from this book, employers will be empowered to make the simple changes necessary to turn their workplaces from a drain on employee health and engagement to a contributor to it.


Praise for The Healthy Workplace:

“Leigh is clearly on the cutting edge of the revolution that is occurring between workplace health and business performance. The Healthy Workplace is research based, immensely practical and filled with genuine insights.”

  • Jim Loehr, co-founder of the Human Performance Institute and renowned performance psychologist

“We’ve spent so much time trying to make people happier at work, neglecting how to make them healthier. Stringer combines the best thinking from physiology, psychology, nutrition, and sleep science into practical advice. This is a great read on a critically important topic—a must-have for anyone concerned with waistlines and bottom lines.”

  • Adam Grant, Wharton professor and New York Times bestselling author of ORIGINALS and GIVE AND TAKE

“Leigh Stringer has written the definitive guide for 21st century workplaces, and every smart CEO, manager and worker should have a well-thumbed copy of The Healthy Workplace on their desks to use as a ready reference. With fascinating research, backed by hard-hitting statistics, Stringer lays out a compelling case that, far from a luxury, creating healthy workers and workplaces is imperative for fueling productivity, creativity and a better quality of work and life for everyone.”

  • Brigid Schulte, award-winning journalist, author of the New York Times bestselling Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play when No One has the Time, and director of The Better Life Lab at New America

The Healthy Workplace is a groundbreaking synopsis in the evolution of today’s corporate workplace. Leigh Stringer not only demonstrates current challenges and trends which are changing corporate culture, but lays out in specific detail the ways companies can find solutions and innovations towards advancing the wellness agenda for their most coveted asset, their people. ”

  • Paul Scialla, Founder/CEO of Delos and International WELL Building Institute

“This is a well-researched book with relevant and provocative data and statistics — as well as intriguing insights and anecdotes — designed to shed light on how simple changes to our office workplace can increase worker productivity, reduce medical costs, and create healthier, happier employees.”

  • Dino Fusco, Managing Director and Global Head – Corporate Services and Real Estate, Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs, Back-to-School Reading List)

“Leigh goes far beyond ROI and productivity and digs deep into unseen benefits of workplace wellness in The Healthy Workplace. Autonomy, creativity, mindfulness, and reduced presenteeism are just a few ways your culture will benefit from various workplace health initiatives. If you are looking to start a workplace wellness program or simply want to be inspired and re-ignite your population, this book will be an imperative tool so start reading and get out there and change some lives.”

  • Sam Whiteside, Chief Wellness Officer, The Motley Fool

“If you pick books that offer both learning and enjoyment, Stringer’s writing delivers mightily on both. You’ll learn why the Huffington Post has napping rooms, why we have a preference for ‘savanna landscapes,’ and what ‘acres of neutral colored work stations’ do to workforce performance. Stringer offers many long lists of practical methods workplace wellness readers can take to people managers, facilities managers and food managers alike to make their workplace a healthy one. I urge you to read it!”

  • Paul E. Terry, Ph.D., President and CEO of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO) and Editor, The American Journal of Health Promotion

“Whether you seldom think about the interplay between healthy lives and healthy business or you live and breathe it, this book provides a new way of thinking about the connections between psychology and sociology, medicine and health promotion, architectural design, management science and the history of industrialization. Stringer convinces us like no other about the business case for raising human health and performance. Through insightful reporting of the research and company anecdotes, sprinkled with her wit and candor, Stringer challenges us to think differently and deliberately about designing healthier work organizations.  This book is for everyone who wants to unlock the potential of work for good!”

  • Eileen McNeely, PhD, MS, RNC, Co-Director, SHINE Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard School of Public Health

“This is a provocative book and, because better health is a national concern, it’s full of things you’ll likely be hearing about for years to come. Whether it’s immediately applicable to your business is up to you, but “The Healthy Workplace” won’t leave you cold.”

  • Idaho Press-Tribune

“The best part of The Healthy Workplace is the nuanced insight that Stringer brings to the table. Her book goes far beyond the simple mantra of “Let’s all get healthy” and into the details that employers need to consider when starting strategies to improve employee health. She covers objections, health insurance, vending machines, space (cubicle vs open space), air quality, stress management and more in a more comprehensive view of what it means to be healthy in the workplace.”

  • Small Business Trends

“Everyone would like to promote employee wellness, but does it really boost your bottom line? Leigh Stringer, a workplace expert at EYP Architecture and Engineering, marshals impressive evidence that it does. … She uses herself as a guinea pig, trying new techniques, nutritional ideas and up-to-date behavioral science.  It’s a fun trip, but it’s also an effective way to provide lots of research and information.”

  • Goldman Sachs

2016 Back to School Reading List

  • SUCCESS Magazine

“…offers solutions for managers, HR departments, and executives choosing strategies to prioritize employee health…Even employees will find this book engaging and be able to glean ideas to bring to their employers.”

  • Booklist

1 of Top 3 Business Book Picks for August 2016

  • Training Magazine

“Boosting your well-being during work hours may sound like an impossible goal, but implementing even slight changes can improve employees’ sleep, nutrition and engagement. For example, organization that promote mindfulness and motion at work see positive returns.  In this book, workplace design specialist Leigh Stringer looks to leading companies to develop a blue-print for enhancing health and wellness in the workplace.  She makes a compelling case that investing in employees’ well-being isn’t just a nice thing to do, it’s smart business.”

  • HR Magazine

“It’s not a mystery. We know we should make good food choices, exercise at least 30 minutes daily, calm down, and get at least seven hours of sleep a night. The problem is that it’s just not happening—and America’s bosses are concerned.

Tons of data, shared in this easy- to-read book, detail the harm unhealthy behaviors do to workers’ productivity, mood, and learning. To their credit, organizations increasingly are adopting physical and cultural approaches that “inspire movement at work,” prompt positive self-care, and minimize stress. Here are their stories and advice.

A time-saving table in the back provides a checklist of suggested strategies, makeover tactics for office spaces, and sample policies or business processes. Read while eating an apple and doing crunches.”

  • Associations Now Magazine