the green workplace: sustainable strategies that benefit employees, the enivornment and the bottom line book cover

The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment, and the Bottom Line,Palgrave McMillan 2010

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As 21st-century companies realize they’ll need to be green to compete, sustainable ideas are spreading like wildfire throughout all fields of modern business. The Green Workplace demonstrates ways companies on the cusp of radically transforming their practices how to bring together diverse teams and establish new organizational governance for creative problem-solving in greening their workplace. Her hands-on green strategies are based on concrete and cost-effective changes such as:
– working from home
– ways to cut commuting costs
– video conferencing to cut down on travel
– increasing access to natural light to save energy
– and more.
This book explains how managers can implement these changes smoothly and efficiently. In solving key problems, she shows companies how a green business reduces costs, increases productivity, improves recruiting and retention, and increases shareholder value, in addition to benefiting the environment.